~ the raven chronicles ~ 18

30 Oct

(Chapters are stored chronologically in ARCHIVES.)

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
~Late Edition~
November 19, 1932

Cleveland Police have had their hands full as of late, what with the labor unrest at the steel mills, the raid on Victor Spagnolo’s warehouse last week in which two officers were killed, and the subsequent firebombing of Precinct 26 by persons unknown.

Late today, in another grim announcement, the  Chief of Police reported that Mr. Kendree Sinclair, well-known Cleveland millionaire, is missing; at this point, the circumstances surrounding his disappearance have the city’s detective squad baffled.

Though Mr. Sinclair is known to leave on excursions with hardly a moment’s notice, the current circumstances are not indicative of such, according to one long time employee, who believes that the situation rates as a full-blown mystery.

Esther Madigan said she arrived early this morning and found the front door of the Kendree mansion, Black Oaks, standing partially open.

“I immediately knew that something wasn’t right,” Mrs. Madigan told the Plain Dealer. “Mr. Sinclair is not a person to leave a door open in any type of weather.”

Mrs. Madigan, who has been employed by Mr. Sinclair for the past thirteen years, speculated that the door must have been ajar for some time, because enough snow had blown into the house to form a small drift at the foot of the staircase that leads to the second floor of the mansion.

Mrs. Madigan also discovered a few other things amiss. A small table had been overturned in the study, and one of the double doors leading onto the veranda from the study, had been unlocked and left standing open.

“The strangest thing about it all, was that I found one of Mr. Sinclair’s slippers on the veranda outside,” Mrs. Madigan told us. “I can’t imagine Mr. Sinclair stepping out into the snow with just house shoes on. Very odd, indeed.”

As of late, oddity and bad luck seem to have hounded Mr. Sinclair; several of his financial holdings have mysteriously gone bankrupt, and rumors continue to swirl through Cleveland’s financial community about the possibility of an imminent collapse of Mr. Sinclair’s fortune.

In addition, his current wife, Mrs. Rhea Sinclair, is rumored to have suffered a nervous breakdown, several weeks ago. Unconfirmed reports say that she is recuperating at a private mental hospital somewhere in northeastern Ohio.

Mrs. Sinclair is the daughter of Cleveland tycoon, Jacob Drummond.

When asked to comment on the mystery of Mr. Sinclair’s disappearance and the whereabouts of Mrs. Rhea Sinclair, Drummond family spokesman, Robert Cannon, repeatedly stated that the Drummond family had no comment, and will have no comment about any of these matters in the near future.

The Plain Dealer will endeavor to keep our readers abreast of late-breaking developments in this case, as they happen.

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