~ the raven chronicles ~ 24

3 Mar

(Chapters are stored chronologically in ARCHIVES.)

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
~ Morning Edition ~
November 20, 1932

The whereabouts of Mr. Kendree Sinclair, reported missing since yesterday morning, came to a resolution in the predawn hours today, when his body was discovered along a rural road in Darke County.

Though Darke County authorities, at the behest of Cleveland Police, are withholding details at this time, the Plain Dealer managed to secure an interview with Thomas Coburn, the man who discovered the body.

Mr. Coburn was driving the northernmost stretch of Echo Lake Road, which winds across the county, past the popular Echo Lake resort and the adjoining Spiritualist Camp, until its terminus in the small town of Raven.

“The mist had come up and I couldn’t rightly see too far down the road,” Mr. Coburn told our reporter. “But I could make out some dogs circling something off to the side, up ahead. We got some problems around here with wild dogs. I expected they had a lamb or some other smaller animal on the ground. I decided to get as close as I could, fetch my gun from behind the seat and take care of them.”

“As I came on them, it seemed they were acting peculiar, running in circles and howling, like whatever they had was putting a fear into them.”

“I sped up and pulled over and by the time I had gotten out with my gun the dogs had hightailed it across the field. I walked over to the ditch and saw the body right away. Ain’t afraid to say it spooked me too, a man dressed in pajamas and a silk robe, laying’ on the ground with his guts ripped open. Never seen anything like that.”

By the time the Plain Dealer had reached the scene, police had cordoned off the area and removed the body for transport to the Cleveland City Morgue for autopsy.

Cleveland Police authorities refused to speculate as to why or how Mr. Sinclair’s body had come to be in this final location. The Police Commissioner would only say that every resource available had been deployed to solve this crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.

We will publish updates to this story as they become available.

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One Response to “~ the raven chronicles ~ 24”

  1. Teresa Blackburn March 5, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    The “silk robe” is a very intriguing touch and just adds to the mystery! Hmmmmmm.

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