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12 Aug

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The Diary of Rhea Sinclair

November 22, 1932

I am on fire.
My day draws near.

My heart is a Caged Bird.
My thoughts a Gordian Dilemma.
The mystery stalks me.
Fear traces my heart.
Moth breaks Cocoon.
Snake sheds Skin.
Death precedes Rebirth.

I must bide time.
Gather my sisters.
All will be revealed.
Ba-Nepthys will deliver me.
Transfiguration will set me free.
I shall walk unfettered.
Take my pleasures.
Wreak my havoc.
Fulfill the prophecy of Sanat.

The Wind sings.
They have ravaged my lover.
They have wounded me.
My vengeance shall be their fate.
They will hang.
Rotted fruit gutted by crows.
The priest will see.
His fool will witness.
They will cower in fear.
Then know my wrath.
Their seed strewn on fallow ground.
Their blood for the sins of their ancestors.
Their ashes scattered by the wind.
Erased from the face of the earth.
Their weakness is my strength.
Their perfidy is my purpose.

Purging flame.
Cleansing wind.
Old ways.
New beginning.

I pray for guidance.

I am decreed to be the Heir.
Keb hath refreshed me.
He hath caused me to ascend his throne.
I am stronger than the Lord of the hour.
The dwellers in Anu bow their heads to Me.
I am their Queen.
I am eternal.
I am Lilith.
I have union with my own kind.
I am mistress for millions.

We are legion.
Scourge of Man.
Rulers of the Earth.

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