~ the white crown ~

28 Sep

mod hospital hallway

As the night extinguished I prayed to Isis.
The Osiris Nu whose word is truth saith
O thou land of the Sceptre.
O thou White Crown of the divine form.
O thou rest of the ferry-boat.
I am the Child Hail Abu-ur.
~ The Diary of Rhea Sinclair ~
November 18, 1932

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? If that maxim is true, then you, my faithful readers, must hold me in great affection.

Though posts in this forum have waned in recent months, the tumult at Sterns-Carson Sanitarium has continued, unabated. The fates of Fr. Leavell, Dr. Agnostica, Rhea Sinclair, and all the other players that you and I met as The Raven Chronicles unfolded, have been of great interest to me, as I hope they have been to you.

Our online story here had grown complex enough that I decided to complete the tale offline in a comprehensive manner and then post the chapters. Near the end of that first draft, I realized that the narrative of  The Raven Chronicles is not merely an addendum, but a critical component of the work that inspired their creation, Echo Lake. I had always envisioned the story of Jack Rohan as a trilogy, but I discovered that there are four parts to the tale. Thus, my experimental serial, The Raven Chronicles, has morphed into a complete novel, The White Crown.

I anticipate that The White Crown will be available via conventional publication, in digital form, or both. That question will not be answered until after completion. Work is progressing at a steady pace, so a resolution looms not far down the road.

Meanwhile, I will endeavor to post other works that I hope you find worthy of your attention.

Until we meet again, Happy Trails.


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