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~ torn ~ 12

6 May

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The night had grown black.
The air hung thick with smoke from the ceremonial pyre.
From the jungle nearby. The rumbling of drums. The roar of wild things.
The creatures wanted theatre. She would give them that and more.
And she would be first this time. Let them watch. See how it’s done.

Arms swayed like willow branches as she danced unfettered in front of the roaring fire. The young woman moved synchronously beside her, endeavoring to copy every move. They had the aspect of two naked marionettes. Controlled by a single puppeteer.torn 12

The dancers whirled.
The walls of the cabin crumbled in slow-motion decay.
Thick green vines slithered inside from the darkness without and spread across the ceiling.
A voice from some faraway goddess filled the room.

Love of two is one
Here but now they’re gone
Came the last night of sadness
And it was clear she could not go on.

Their bodies came together before the flames.
She grasped a hank of short blonde hair.
Cupped small firm breast.
Found eager lips.

They floated down together.
To animal skins spread before the fire.
She pinned her prey.
Used her mouth like a weapon on the pale skinned creature.
Slowly kissed. Bit. Face. Neck. Breasts. Belly.
Clutched soft derriere. Planted mouth in moist downy thicket.
Tongued. Teased. Nibbled. Pricked. To ecstasy.
Overwhelmed her captive into shudders.
Spasms. Long. Languorous. Come.
She finally rose. Taste of victory. On her lips. In her mouth.
Gloated. Mounted. Coupled. Pounded the seduced nymph.
Rough. Desperate. Vengeful. And took her pleasure.