~ torn ~ 16

11 Jul

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A snowflake, tumbles from on high, spinning…spinning, until it lands ever so softly…

“Julia. Come on, we’re leaving.”

torn-16-resizeJulia opened her eyes.
Purple-streaked near-dawn filtered through the slowly spinning carousel of pines and bare trees.
She stumbled to a stop.
Looked down toward the ground.
Her legs disappeared into a pair of large hiking boots.
The untied laces dragged under foot.
Her powder blue, knee-length down coat hung open.
Nothing but bare skin beneath.
Julia gathered the coat around her and looked up.

Ron stood about ten feet away. Staring at her.
He had his hat on and his little wooden box tucked under one arm.

Beyond him, Alan tossed a duffel bag into the trunk of the big, white Cadillac.
And then slammed it shut.
Jute stumbled out the cabin and to the side of the car.
He awkwardly opened the rear door.
Unloaded the limp form of the intern from his shoulder.
Dumped her into the backseat.

“What’s wrong with her?” Julia asked.
Ron grabbed Julia by the arm and hustled her towards the car.
“Hurry up. We’ve got to get out of here.”

Jute weaved in the open car door. Reached toward her.
“Julia…get in back with me…here, I’ll help you.”

Jute helped alright.
Helped himself to a nice long grab of ass while Julia crawled into the car.

Julia laid her head against the backseat.
Dirty. Inside and out.
She looked over at Gidget.
Disheveled clothes obviously shucked on by someone else.
Pale hair damp. Matted around her child-like face.
Eyelids drooping.
Incoherent mumbles tumbling from chapped lips.

Yesterday’s jealously of the perky blonde’s good looks and upbeat demeanor dissolved into sisterly concern.
Julia hugged the younger woman.
Laid the fevered head on her shoulder.
“Don’t worry little one. Everything will be alright.”

The big car sprayed dirt and pine needles as it spun around and took off.
Before they even made it down the long sheltered driveway, Jute sidled closer.
Panted soft, foul-breathed entreaties at Julia’s neck.
Slid a hand under Julia’s coat.
Groped at her sex.

Julia grabbed his wrist.
Dug in with her fingernails.
“Get the fuck off of me, you animal.”




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