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~ torn ~ 14

12 Jun

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Jerked awake the sound of a scream flat on back dirt floor jungle hut.
Wrists bound arms stretched above head held by someone unseen.
Legs splayed man-beast astride grunted pounded.
Unseen captor exhorted in a strange guttural tongue.

She remained passive a willing supplicant.
Perhaps more pleasing to these incarnate vindictive gods.
Spittle dripped on her cheek head turned away.

The shaman came into view.
On his throne masked naked.
Wood nymph on knees face buried in his lap laboring.

Tribal drums rumbled incessantly.
Panther growled in the distance.

Shaman roughly clutched the nymph’s hair.
Raised his head. Convulsed. Bellowed.
“Deep is its woe…joy—deeper yet than agony.”

Rolled her gaze back to the beast atop blind mindless rutting filled her with contempt for every man-creature in the universe.mod - PabloPicasso-Minotaur-Caressing-a-Sleeping-Woman-1933

She wrapped legs pulled him deeper inside spat an epithet.
“Pathetic creature! Pasiphae should have taught you how to fuck.”
Beast moaned pounded with renewed vigor.
More spittle dripped to her lips.
Grimacing at the relentless assault closed her eyes.

Bucked wildly to the point of exhaustion.

The world around spun faster faster faster faster faster faster.
Until she went limp. And slipped into the abyss.



image: Pablo Picasso ~ Minotaur Kneeling over Sleeping Girl ~ 18 June 1933