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~ torn ~13

26 May

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Darkness again.
Dull sense of someone nearby.
A shadow within the shadows.
The scent of Ron. His cologne. His skin.
And an unfamiliar vapor. Feminine. Antiseptic.

She tried to sit up. Tried to form words in a parched throat.
A white phantasm appeared. Gently pressed her back down on the bed. Whispered.

nurse“Shhhhh…it’s alright…time for your medication.”

The needle entered her arm.
Heat spread slowly out from the injection point.
Like a panther that stalks the underbrush.
The syringe withdrew.

A Woman in White laid it on the bedside tray.
Then silently crossed the room.
Checked the hallway.
Pulled the door closed.

She fought against the narcotic tendrils that slowly twined her spine.
Struggled to keep her eyes open.
Long blinks. A slow-motion camera shutter. Jagged monsters burned on retinas.

The Woman in White returned to the bedside.
A shiny gold badge flared in the faint shaft of light that crossed her breast.
Out of the darkness a rectangular cloud appeared.
Hovered above her. Descended with smothering force.
She thrashed against the restraints.
Kicked legs. Rolled head from side to side.
Gasped for air in suffocating darkness.
A commanding voice drifted beyond the cloud.
“Lay still…lay still…”

She twisted and arched her body.
Tossed head from side to side.
The cloud tightened.
She sank under an anvil on her chest.
The muffled voice came closer.
“Hold still now. And take your medicine.”

She tried to scream.
Couldn’t make a sound.



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