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~ torn ~ 6

10 Feb

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Julia clenched her teeth.
Looked out the backseat window.
She felt like a genius stuck in a sandbox crammed with idiots.
If this was a preview of coming attractions, she’d rather stayed home.

Alan drove the big-ass Cadillac.torn radio 2
Ron rode shotgun.
The perky little blonde intern sat between them.
Radio turned up loud.
Ron leading a sing-along.

“Smoooke on the water…fire in the sky…”

Fraternity days all over again.
Trying to impress the Sweetheart of Sigma Cunt.
Julia wondered when these men would ever grow up.

Julia glanced over at Jute.
A traveling backgammon board open on his lap.
Rolling joints inside one of the trays.
He glanced over at her with his dark eyes and smiled.
An involuntary tingle rippled through Julia.
She knew the tingle from that smile was Jute’s ticket to ride.
Plenty of women had spread their legs after seeing that smile.
But that would never happen to Julia.
For one simple reason.
She harbored no fetish for intimacy with a sociopath.

At least Drew hadn’t come along.
That had been Julia’s secret proviso for her participation in this weekend frolic.
Together, Ron, Alan and Jute were capable of being wanton and reckless.
Drew was a dangerous man.
Drew was evil.

“Shotgunnn…” Ron wailed in the front seat. “Shoot it ‘fore we run now.”

Jute lit up.
Took a long toke.
Proffered the joint.


Julia laid her head back on the seat in languid acquiescence.
Jute puckered his lips around the lit end of the reefer.
Leaned over toward Julia and exhaled.
Julia drew deeply on the enveloping cloud.
Until her lungs could hold no more.
Then she closed her eyes.
And drifted off.


©2016 jefitzgerald