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~ torn ~ 8

13 Mar

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The disgustingly effervescent young woman ran her perfectly manicured hand across the burnished surface of the shallow wooden box.
“It’s so beautiful.”

Ron puffed himself up.
“It was a rare find, all in all. I have a friend in London who notified me before this even left the estate for public sale.”


“The lid is a single piece of solid rosewood with ivory inlay. A real Victorian work of art.”

Julia looked away from Ron and the perky blonde intern.
Sighed and stared into the fireplace.
Dreading an entire weekend of Gidget Meets Dr. Feelgood.

In front of her, Jute stoked the fire and leered at the younger woman.
A hungry wolf sizing up a lamb.

Alan stepped in front of the hearth and gazed at Julia as he addressed the gathering.
“We’re all settled in, lets start things off right. I’ll fix a very large pitcher of martinis. How’s that sound?”

Julia gently rubbed her eyes.
“Make mine a double.”