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~ torn ~ 10

9 Apr

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A few martinis and a couple of lines and Julia’s mood brightened.
She loved to dance. And Alan could dance like nobody’s business.

A large bookcase on one wall of the cabin held a small part of Ron’s library of rare books. A state-of-the-art stereo system. His vintage record collection. Lots of rock from the 70s. Ron’s major guilty pleasure.

“Now it’s a mighty long way down the dusty trail
And the sun burns hot on the cold steel rails…”

Julia hopped frantically to the music.
Head whipped from side to side.
Long brown hair a whirling blur.
Perspiration beaded on her chest.
Trickled down between her breasts.

She planted herself astride Alan’s thigh.
Gyrated up and down.
He grabbed her.
Kissed her deeply.
She broke away.
Staggered to the nearby table.
Downed the remains of a martini.
Unconcerned if it was her drink or not.

Jute had the perky blonde on the couch.
Smothering her with lizardly sweet-nothings.
She giggled. Pushed him away. Tried to focus her glazed-over bright eyes.
Ron called the room to attention.

“Alright, children. It’s time to party-hearty.”

Ron seated himself on his knees in front of the fire.
Placed the rosewood box on the low table.
The young woman leaned unsteadily forward on the couch.
Filled with eager drunken anticipation.
Jute leaned back and eyed Ron like an inebriated owl.
Julia and Alan made their way from the ersatz dance floor over to the hearth.
The LP clicked on untended after the last track.

Ron unlatched the box.
Slowly raised the lid and laid it open.
Two, brass-filigreed, Victorian-era syringes lay in the padded velvet lining.
Four emerald ampoules nestled nearby.mod syringe 1
Ron lifted one of the syringes.
Held it up to the firelight for inspection.

“Good God, Ron,” Alan said. “It’s magnificent. The set we’ve been searching for.”
Ron broke into a wide smile. A kid at Christmas.
“The Holy Grail.”
“And the ampoules?”
“We shall see, won’t we?”
The young woman slurred.
“I’sh beautiful…”
Ron gazed at her. So sweet. And ripe.
‘Dear child, I also by pleasant streams, have wander’d all night in the Land of Dreams’.”
“Let’s get on with it,” Jute said, rolling up the sleeve of his shirt.
Julia pushed past Alan.
Stripped off her sweat-soaked blouse.
Grasped her elbow and raised a vein.
Held her arm out to Ron.
“Ladies first.”
Ron let fly a derisive snigger.
“Darling, you’re so impetuous.”
He drew on one of the ampoules with the syringe.
“This is much too potent for a vein.”

Julia felt like a fool—as she often did when rebuked in public by Ron—standing there in a bra with her arm extended like a junkie whore eager for a fix. She glanced at the young girl on the couch who looked up at her with smarmy doe-eyed innocence. Then at Jute and Alan, giggling like eavesdropping children at Ron’s little reprimand of his silly wifey-poo..

Julia abruptly lifted her skirt.
Stripped off her panties.
Tossed them at Jute’s face.
Turned her back to Ron.
Bent over.
Presented her derriere.

“How about there, darling? You’re always begging to put it, there.”
Alan and Jute broke out in raucous laughter.
The young woman pursed her lips. The image of a disapproving drunken fish.

Ron grinned and slapped Julia’s ass.
Grabbed a wedge of flesh and buried the needle. Slowly emptied the syringe.
Julia exhaled loudly as a fire ignited in her loins.
Then spread throughout her body in a hot rush.
Ron spun her around to face him.
“Sweet dreams, darling. Sweet dreams.”