~ the raven chronicles ~ 34

25 Aug

(Chapters are stored chronologically in ARCHIVES.)

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

~ Morning Edition ~

November 22, 1932

The mystery surrounding the disappearance and gruesome death of Cleveland millionaire, Kendree Sinclair, has taken on an air of foreboding. Authorities released a statement this morning acknowledging that the rumors swirling through the countryside to the Southeast of Cleveland do contain more than a soupcon of truth.

Another victim was found in the woods north and 4 miles due west of Echo Lake. The police would only say that the victim was male, of middle age, and judging by his clothing and rucksack, most likely an itinerant laborer. Authorities went on to point out that the wounds of the victim mirrored those suffered by Mr. Sinclair.

The police further stated that they have ruled out the deaths as the work of anything other than an attack by a large and vicious animal. The Cleveland Coroner, Dr. Joshua Stenitt, agrees with the Police Department assessment that the injuries sustained are too horrific and specific for any other explanation.

Police did not speak to questions regarding the additional rumors that have found their way to this reporter; namely, that domestic animals ranging in size from dogs to cattle have been  found dead and mutilated, usually on their owner’s property, within the vicinity of both the murder of Kendree Sinclair and the itinerant laborer. An attempt to seek out and speak with residents of the area has been met with stony silence and no inclination toward cooperation.

It would seem that there is still more to this story than meets the eye. The Plain Dealer will endeavor, with or without the cooperation of authorities, to further uncover the mystery surrounding the death of any known and future victims, whether they walk upright or on fours.

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