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~ torn ~ 2

9 Jan

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Ron blocked the bathroom doorway.
“You don’t understand. I’m ruined here.
And if the DA brings charges, it could mean prison.”

Topless Julia gazed in the mirror. Concentrated on makeup.lipstick

“And I’m supposed to feel sorry for you? After what happened?”

Ron straightened his tie. Moistened his lips.

“The blame isn’t all mine. I certainly didn’t act alone.
And you were right in the middle of it, a willing participant—”

Julia wheeled taut as a wire.

“Shut up. Just shut up.
You’re so good at twisting things around.”

Julia approached Ron.
Pin the tail on the viper.

“You’ve gotten whatever you wanted since you were a rich little shit in knickers.
People always dancing to your song.
Maybe its time for you to pay the piper, Ron.”

Fear clouded Ron’s face.

“Don’t say things like that.
We’ll go away.
Anything you want.
It’s over.
I promise.”

Ron pulled Julia to him.
Wrapped his arms around her.

“Julia, please…you’ve got to help me.”

Julia stood rigid in Ron’s embrace.
Arms at her side.
His clammy hands on her bare skin sent a wave of repulsion through her.
Tears welled up inside as she wondered
—not for the first time—
if things would be better,
with one of them dead.


©2016 jefitzgerald