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~ torn ~ 3

18 Jan

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The clock radio green-glow cut the darkness.
Ron rustled.
Went still.
A siren wailed.
Faded into the distance.


Julia rolled onto her back.
Stared up at the gray light of night spread across the bedroom ceiling.
She wanted tears, but the only thing left inside was fatigue.
The dream within a dream had crawled through her nights for two weeks.
Drained her body and soul.
Confused her waking and sleeping hours.

Ron dismissed it.
Of course.

Nothing but unresolved conflicts, Julia.You don’t need any more medication.
You just need to face your demons.

Ron would follow this prognosis with a peck on Julia’s forehead.
The proverbial kiss-off.

Julia coiled into fetal position.
The dream had yet to appear twice in the same night.
She was free to sleep.

Another siren wailed across the city.
Julia closed her eyes.
And flew along with the sound, to some distant vanishing point.


©2016 jefitzgerald