~ torn ~ 18

2 Aug

(previous chapters can be accessed through the ARCHIVES calendar)


A car door slammed.
Julia opened her eyes.
In the back seat of the Cadillac.
Jute lay passed out against the far window.
The girl was gone.
Voices drifted in from outside.
She heard Ron first.
Then Alan.

big caddilac“Did you get him?”
“Well God damn it, what’d he say?”
“Take it easy. If you don’t cool off, this could get real fucked up, real fast.”
“This is already real fucked up. What are we supposed to do?”
“Drew said he’ll take care of it. Gave me an address in the city.”
“In the city? What if we get pulled over?”
“That’s why you’re not going to drive. Get back in.”




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