~ torn ~ 19

17 Aug

(previous chapters can be accessed through the ARCHIVES calendar)


“Ron, you’ve got to be reasonable. I know it’s difficult to fathom, but in an institution—”
“Manuel. Please stop trying to convince me that you’re right and I’m wrong. Julia does not belong in an asylum.”
torn 19“You talk as if this is the 18th Century. You know better. Today’s facilities could hardly be categorized as ‘asylums’.”
“It doesn’t matter. I have to stay close to her. I can’t do that if she is at another facility.”
“Well, she can’t stay here any longer. After her assault on that nurse last night, I can’t allow it.”
“You mean you won’t allow it.”
“Ron, please…I’ve done everything in my power to accommodate you in this matter. Julia is my patient and I want what’s best for her.”
“Manuel, you may want what’s best, but I know what’s best, for Julia.”




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