~ torn ~ 20

2 Sep

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Julia awoke as the Cadillac crawled off the last back road out of the mountains and wheeled onto the highway. She roused again as they crossed the river into the city. And now, as the car came to a halt in some desolate place deep in the heart of some dark corner of the urban underbelly, she finally seemed to be free of her anesthetic shackles.

“You sure this is it?” Ron asked.
“Yeah,” Alan said, killing the engine. “This is it.”

Alan got out.
Ron hesitated a moment then followed suit.
Julia watched Alan fumble with the car keys as he passed by her window.
Then she felt the Cadillac’s big trunk pop open.
Someone gagged at the rear of the car.
“Jesus…” Ron said.
The big car bounced a few times as some load in the trunk got shifted around.
Then Alan and Ron reappeared.
warehouse 1Scuffling and grunting.
Each carrying one end of a stuffed, dirty sleeping bag.
They headed off into the distance.
Toward the loading docks of the abandoned warehouse.
“Oh, shit…” Jute jerked forward in the seat.
Hopped out of the other side of the car.
Stumbled a few paces.
Grabbed hold of the chain link fence.
Retched violently.

Julia watched with delight.
Glad he was sick.
Hoping he’d be sick the rest of his miserable fucking life.
Then she looked back toward the warehouse.
Ron and Alan struggled the bundle through a narrow loading dock door.
They soon reappeared.
Slammed the grey metal door shut.
Jogged back to the car.
Alan paused at the driver’s side door.
Yelled across the car at Jute.
“Get in, you dumb fuck.”

The two front doors slammed.
Jute crawled into the back seat.
The car swerved a wide arc through the gravel lot.
The rear door swung wildly.
Jute finally managed to pull it closed.
Ron tuned the radio to some classic rock station.
Turned up the volume until the speakers rattled.

Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme
Ain’t nothing I’d rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too, yeah

The men spoke not another word.
Julia closed her eyes. Bit her lip.
Tried to escape back into sleep.




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