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~ nollaig chridheil ~

25 Dec

santa 2014

Here at Sterns-Carson Sanitarium
the cedar logs are crackling,
the pudding is singing in the copper,
and the roast duck is filling the kitchen air with a most delightful aroma.

We extend Christmas wishes to all our
faithful readers and those near and dear to them.

As usual,
Sterns-Carson Sanitarium is open
throughout the Holiday Season.

And again this year, we offer visitors our World-Famous Punch
made from an old family recipe
by our own switchboard operator, Mildred Penfound.
And don’t miss the delicious ginger Christmas cookies, cut in the shape of mysterious runes.

We hope these days are filled with tranquility and joy and love
for all, across the country and around the world.

~ Peace ~

©2014 j.edwardfitzgerald all rights reserved